Media Map

Media Map (SP) 1.1

An alternative way of viewing saved multimedia


  • Uses categories and keywords for quicker searching
  • Creates playlists based on search results
  • Connect to a media server via WiFi


  • Perhaps an exention of the software to support all files would be a good idea


I'm not sure about you, but I have loads of audio and video files lurking on my phone but they're in a bit of a jumbled mess. As a result, it can sometimes be difficult to find something I want to watch or listen to. Media Map is designed to change all that, providing you with an innovative way of accessing multimedia files, by displaying a graphical list of all the contents stored in your memory.

The software is based around a system of searches with predefined fields and keywords, meaning that to locate a file you only need select a field or a keyword. For instance, if you want to find all the podcasts stored on your handset you only need to select 'General', then 'Podcast' as a keyword. Media Map will then automatically display all of these files on screen.

The program, which supports all memory cards, lets you assign new keywords in each default section and allows you to create playlists based on search results. There's even a function for hooking up to a media server via Wi-Fi, if you have the right capabilities.

With a tag cloud-style interface, Media Map represents a quick way of accessing media files in an innovative user environment.

Files and folders are a thing of the past... welcome to Media Map, the smart way to access your media and documents. Media Map presents a graphical view of your media and documents by author, age, type, album, or even your own custom tags. Simply select a term on the map and press the list button to view a list of all the matching media and documents.

Too many results? Simply tap another term to narrow down your results even further. Once you've located what your looking for just select it to open it, or select the 'Play All' menu item to open all the result as a playlist in Windows Media Player.

Features of Media Map:

  • Graphical view of media and documents
  • Easily search by one or multiple terms
  • Add your own search tags to any file
  • Automatically create playlists from results
  • Supports all screen sizes and screen rotation
  • Supports memory cards

Media Map


Media Map (SP) 1.1

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